yo, so.

  Anonymous said:

Where're the rest of Caboose's best friends?!!? Are you foreshadowing something?!!?! SPILL IT!!!

i.. what?


i’m not foreshadowing anything don’t worry? ^_^;;

  freelancerwizard said:

your rvb season 12 edit IS SO AWESOME!!! thIS IS the coolest edit ive ever seen

hey thanks! it was really fun to make. ^_^

headcanons are awesome because they vary from person to person, and I really enjoy seeing yours! I have pretty much accepted your Tucker as my headcanon now, because I love it! <3

  shottygun said:

I love your art. Your head cannons are spot on. :D

ah.. are they?? that’s great to hear, thank you!


disclaimer here that every time i see someone else’s ideas i feel like altering mine but. i’m glad what i do is working for you in any case. ^_^

sorry but the ratio here is just really satisfying.

your tags are always fantastic

your face is always fantastic.

hahah ♥ thanks. i try. ;)

Hahahaha, yesssssss <3 Somewhere on some map York and North and South and CT are sitting around going “man, they’ve made it pretty far on that first life” and taking bets on who’s going to respawn next.

this is all i want honestly. XD

aha well you see the thing about that is this is a comedy based on a multiplayer videogame so if for instance i want to believe dead characters just end up respawning somewhere else i don’t think there’s really anything you can do to stop me.

lightning struck and took out my power during a particularly tense moment while i was watching that episode so in case anyone was wondering i spent about ten minutes today yelling threats at clouds.