yo, so.

Delta trying to explain that it does not work like that and he’s a military grade AI and just giving in after York doesn’t listen and tuning it and York is just like ‘thanks Siri’ and Delta pouts in a corner for an hour.

"thanks siri"

i’m dead.

the headcanons this post inspired are numerous and also all around wonderful, just saying. York pre-military busking on subway corners. Smuggling instruments on MoI. Writing songs about silly mission jokes.

heeeeee. =u=

  reeberry said:

"Hey guys, tell me what you think of this song I wrote for Carolina!" They listened dutifully, straight faced, and in the minute long cricket-laden silence that followed (courtesy of an app from 479er's phone), Connie carefully said, "it, erm. It was really specific." "Inappropriate," Wash added. "Kinda gross, mate," Wyoming sighed. "Don't sing about your sexcapades, York," South said, walking over and taking the guitar away. "Not in public. Pro tip, from me to you."


York with a guitar is one of my favourite things! :D

:D haha. seems like he’d be the type to have one.

on one hand im like “this is just your standard end-of-season drama” and “theres no way theyre actually going to off any of the main characters permanently” and on the other hand im terrified and nnnnn nnnno ooo ononononnnooooo

yeeeah i mean. there’s that beacon of hope that.. miles wouldn’t do that..right?

but also, friggin’ dramatic zoom everywhere why you gotta be so ominous.

#rvb12 episode 17

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au where jaune unironically wears dresses and no one bats an eye

au where jaune unironically wears dresses and no one bats an eye


For heartbleats, because of this post.

“Hey,” Grif said, pointing his rifle at the grass in front of him.

“Yeah?” Simmons replied next to him, dutifully keeping guard.

“You ever wonder why we’re here?”

“No one can explain why we’re really here,” Simmons said after a second of thought. “I mean, was it just natural that humans would eventually evolve with this specific superhuman gene? Was it destiny? Is there a higher power, picking and choosing who gets to live like a god and who has to survive like an animal? Were mutants just the next logical step? I don’t know, man, but it keeps me up at night.”

Grif waited, and waited, and waited some more until Simmons glanced at him from the side of his visor. “Whaaat? I meant why are we out here, in this canyon, fighting another set of mutants for some crappy color-coded army?”

Oh,” Simmons muttered.

“We haven’t even fucking seen an alien, and we’re making shit money, so why are we fucking here, in the middle of a box canyon you can fly your ass out of any time you want, waiting for-for what? Victory? Victory over what? And Sarge is off his rocker like always, if he even ever had one to begin with-”

Simmons paused his sweep of the area to stare down his teammate, before he shot Grif in the foot.

“Ow, what the fuck?” Grif said, hopping as the blood flow stopped and the skin regrew. “Why did you shoot me?”

“Don’t ask stupid questions,” Simmons shrugged. “Besides, you’ve already healed.”

“Yeah, but now I have another fucking hole in my armor, jackass.”

“It’ll match the one in your chestplate, then.”

“I am not swiss cheese!” Grif came back to his post, his foot healed, his boot still stained a deep red. Simmons glanced at him and cautiously floated up before responding.

“Yeah, well, you’re definitely the right color!”


“What are they doing?”

“What?” Church said, putting down the sniper rifle again.

“What are they doing now?” Tucker repeated impatiently.

“Same fucking thing they always do, alright? The maroon one is flying in circles and the orange one is trying to shoot him down. That’s literally what they always do.”

Tucker gave this some thought, leaning against a rock, waiting until Church raised the sniper rifle again to ask another question. “Then why do we do this?”

“That’s hitting the fucking nail on the head,” Church muttered to himself. “Do what?” he replied.

“Spy on them for hours. If they always do the same thing?”

Gee, Tucker, I don’t have a fucking clue!” He was laying on the sarcasm thickly enough that Tucker pushed himself off the wall. “Maybe because our recon specialist is a chicken.”

“Fuck you,” Tucker said and the air around him shimmered as he teleported away.

“Good riddance.”

There was a pop in the air and Church had gotten good with practice at not jumping in fear when Tucker teleported a few inches away from him. “One of us,” he said, “can actually do the weird ghost thing and runs no risk of dying when he does recon missions.”

“Yeah, well, last time I did that, they shot the guy I was possessing.”

“Don’t pick the healer, then!” Tucker said and teleported away again.

It was another half a minute before Church heard another cracking nearby. “I swear to god, Tucker, if you are coming back for a dumb idea again, I am going to…you’re not Tucker.”

“Well spotted, son,” Sarge said, cracking his knuckles as his newly upgraded Lopez stood behind him. “Now you’re going to come with us, or the robot is going to take you with us. Your choice.”

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*vibrates with emotion*

  Anonymous said:


what? are you okay? hello? speak to me!

oh no. no—- i am a murderer. D: what have i done?


  confessionforanothertime said:

<3 I just want you to know I love your art so much. So so much. The sad look in your most recent Wash pic reminded me of the face he probably made at the end of the fic I wrote today and it made me want to cry a bit. But still, love you and your art.

aha? i made you want to cry? guess what, you emotional succubus, you deserve it. ^_____^  your words make me very happy though. thank you for always supporting me, really. it gives me confidence. ♥♥

/goes off to read that fic you mentioned

  Anonymous said:

Pssst, here is an anon who's not Jani of course to tell you that your progress on your art is amazing and that you're an amazing person and lovable and hnnnng so damn pretty. And smart and amazing and no one says Rabarbar Barbara like you! Love!

wahahahaaha. thank you, stranger. it’s too bad you’re not jani though because if you were i’d have lots of hugs and kisses for you because you are irresistibly kind.

and i would also tell you i really love the things you draw too and i hope to see more soon.

wow. sorry to make this all about jani, mysterious anon. you must be feeling pretty left out.

your original hair color doesn&#8217;t matter if you&#8217;ve gone prematurely gray due to psychological trauma eeey.
i mean. that&#8217;s a thing that can happen in sci-fi i&#8217;m pretty sure.

your original hair color doesn’t matter if you’ve gone prematurely gray due to psychological trauma eeey.

i mean. that’s a thing that can happen in sci-fi i’m pretty sure.

  thetyeee said:

hi im going to talk briefly about rwby okay? okay. so I expected ren to tell jaune that he should stop pursuing weiss and that she clearly is not interested and should drop it. nope. he got encouragement. again. i have such high hopes. i seriously hope jaune would just stop. someone tell the boy to stop!

haha. yeah that seems to be the consensus, huh? lol. but hey, he seemed to have given up after seeing her with neptune. so i think he’s coming around to respecting her decisions. and he didn’t wait for neptune to answer her so it wasn’t like, “oh she belongs to neptune now i can’t have her” it was more, “she likes people, she just doesn’t like me.” which i can appreciate, even if i think it’s kinda weird for weiss to go after some random guy. and it sorta seems like narratively the only reason she took interest in neptune was to change the course of jaune’s romantic subplot.

but you know.